The 13th edition of the Global Innovation Index (GII) has just been released by Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The GII looks at the state of innovation among the 131 economies around the world and the factors that contribute to the ranks, such as institutional environment, business sophistication, knowledge & technology outputs, creative outputs, market sophistication, infrastructure, and human capital & research.

Indonesia has high scores in four out of the seven GII pillars: Infrastructure, market sophistication, Knowledge & technology outputs and creative outputs, which are above average for the lower middle-income group. Conversely, Indonesia scores below average for its income group in three pillars: Institutions, Human capital & research, and business sophistication.

Indonesia, which is still ranked 85th this year – remain unmoved for 3 years in a row, falls under the Lower middle-income group and its performance is still in line with the level of development, albeit it falls short compared to its lower middle income-group neighbors in ASEAN, such as Viet Nam (42nd), and the Philippines (50th). Nevertheless, Indonesia is ranked in 9th within the lower middle-income economies, just above Kenya (86th), and it sits in the14th place among 17 economies in South East Asia, East Asia, and Oceania. Unfortunately, the statistics suggest that compared to other economies in the regions, Indonesia performs below average.

The report reports the strengths and weaknesses of Indonesia as the contributing factors to the innovation index when it comes to innovations. The notable strengths, among many, include domestic market scale, trade & competition, ease of resolving insolvency, QS university ranking, and gross capital information. Whereas the contributing weaknesses, among many, include the regulatory environment, government funding, PISA scales in reading, math & science, global R&D companies, knowledge workers, scientific & technical articles/bn, tertiary inbound mobility, and FDI net outflows.

Will Indonesia move up the rank next year given the current situation?

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