Tentang Kami

AFFA Intellectual Property Rights was established in July 1999, brought into existence by a number of experienced IP professionals. Headed by Mr. Achmad Fatchy, AFFA Intellectual Property Rights has chosen Intellectual Property as its specialization. The team in AFFA believes that a total concentration in one field would ensure the quality of services to the clients. The said commitment together with technical expertise is matched by the team’s vast experience in serving the clients’ requirements within the boundaries of national and international markets. Additionally, AFFA has strong international relations in almost any country in the world that provides assistance in the protection of our client’s intellectual property abroad and foreign clients requesting protection in Indonesia. Members of AFFA are associated professionally with International Trademark Association (INTA), European Community Trademark Association (ECTA), ASEAN Intellectual Property Association (AIPA), Licensing Executive Society (LES), and Indonesian Intellectual Property Society (AKHKI).