After years of waiting, we are pleased to update you that Myanmar new Trade Marks Law and Industrial Design Law have been enacted on 30th January, 2019.


In Trademark Law, there are many significant provisions differed from current practice for the applicant and needs to note the changes since Trade Marks Law is adopting “first-to-file” system instead of “first-to-use” which is currently practicing in trademark registration and all registered trademarks are required to be reregistered in accordance with the new Trade Marks Law to obtain the right given under the new Law.


Following provisions are some highlights of Trade Marks Law for your quick reference:

  • Applicant can claim the priority right and exhibition priority right together with sufficient document and description.
  • If applied mark has been registered at the Office of the Registrar of Deeds, aforesaid registered document is required to be attached.
  • Earliest applicant, who submits the application conformed to specifications, shall have the right to register the Mark if there is dispute to register for same or similar trademarks in different days by more than one person.
  • A person can, who wishes to object regarding the application for the registration of mark, submit the opposition to the Registrar by paying specified fee for any reason mentioned in respective sections within 60 days from the date of announcement.
  • Term of registered Mark shall be (10) years and renewal can be made for 10 years in each time after the expiration of first registration period.
  • Mark owner shall apply to renew the term of registration by paying specified fee within (6) months before expiration date of registration period.
  • Proprietor can apply the case at Intellectual Property Court to make the order of temporary action in accordance with relevant provisions of this Law by means of civil suit for his damage.
  • Proprietor can apply to the Intellectual Property Court to take either criminal or civil action.
  • The owner of the Mark which has been registered at the Office of the Registrar of Deeds in accordance with the Registration Act before enforcement of the Trade Marks Law (OR) the owner who is actually using the Mark in local market shall submit the application for the registration of the mark in accordance with this law if he wants for the right of registered mark.
  • Notwithstanding anything contained in other existing law, Trademark registration shall be carried out in accordance with Trade Marks Law.


Further, although Trademark Law is enacted, according to the provision, the law shall come into force commencing from the day, by notification, issued by the President of the Union. Therefore, the Law is unimplementable at the moment and for the time being applicant can file the Trademark application at the Office of the Registrar of Deeds by submitting the “Declaration of Ownership of Trademark” together with required documents requested by the Office of the Registrar of Deeds and in accordance with the Deeds of Registration Law.


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